Video: Dancing Robot! Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot kills Uptown Funk Of Bruno Mars

Dancing Robot, Boston Dynamics is getting more revenue out of its Adsense USD with a new YouTube video. The video shows a robot developed in its lab – dancing to Bruno Mars song. 

Dancing Robot: Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot

Dancing Robot: Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot

It’s obviously crazy, but we are surprised either. The technology is growing so fast even robot can dance now. This means that you might soon start seeing dancing robots in the nearby nightclub. Well, the video is fun though, and we also appreciate Boston Academics’ innovation for developing such a wonderful machine.

Please check out this four-legged robot SpotMini. This time, dancing robot dances to a cover of “Uptown Funk,” complete with the best robotic rendition of the Running Man dance we’ve ever seen. and I bet, this robot dances better than you do.

At this point, robot technology has advanced a lot. But to be honest, this is something people are afraid of in the near future. Because with this type of innovation, you might deal with robot police, robot bartender, robot cashier, robot everything… which is pretty scary for human evolution.

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