Apple to launch 3 new iPhones 2018 – Inclusive the iPhone 8S

The American giant Apple is looking forward to unveiling the iPhone 8S 2018 models. One of these iPhone comes as the successor of the current iPhone X. There will also be a larger iPhone Plus version with a particular and affordable LCD model.

Apple to launch 3 new iPhones 2018 - Inclusive the iPhone 8S

3 new iPhone – iPhone 8S 2018:

All these new iPhones will bear a Bezel-less design displays, high-end cameras, and advanced hardware.
It’s been a wonderful journey since Apple started to launch 3 new Apple phones every year. Apple fans have enjoyed this method as they can buy the iPhone of their choice based on their budget.

As for the 2018 iPhone, there will be again a high-end version and 2 premium models as well. Apple will unveil new color variants for the 2018 iPhones. There will massively come as LCD iPhone model in blue, yellow, and pink colors.

We previously covered full news about this 3 iPhones launching in 2018. In that article, you will have the full insight on the upcoming iPhone 2018 models specification and, hardware and new technologies. You can find them in the link right here.

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