Here Is Why Your iPhone battery Gets Shorter Over Certain Period- Full Video

A few days ago, users started to complain about Apple throttling the performance of iPhones older than 2 years to save battery life. Apple confessed about why your iPhone battery gets older over time. 

When asked, Apple responded by saying that the lithium-ion battery inside older phones degrades as they get older. And this forces the processor not to source much power from the device.

Here Is Why Your iPhone battery Gets Shorter Over time

iPhone battery Gets Shorter Over Time

It does not matter what kind of phone you are using, Android or Apple phones always struggle with battery life after they get around 2to 3 years old. For this reason, you do not have to blame your smartphone manufacturer about your phone facing this problem. But you can instead to be smart and understand that it is all about the chemical reactions that are inside your smartphone.

Inside your phone, there is a battery that generates power, that battery is sandwiched with different ingredients. These ingredients include:

Lithium metal-oxide (cathode)
Gel polymer electrolyte
Permeable separator
Gel polymer electrolyte
Graphite (anode)

All these elements combined provide 3 final output. The first output is the “A” negative which stores the energy, “A” positive which furnish the energy collected, and an electrolyte polymer build ions to flow between the two. This is the best element of the full charge cycle for your smartphone.

After charging your iPhone battery 400 times, it will lose 20% of its charging capability. And this factor will keep on happening as you charge your battery more. Finally, one day you will find that your phone is generating 0% battery when you charge it. When this happens, you will have to buy a new phone or change the dead iPhone battery.

Tips: Do these if you want your iPhone battery life to be longer

Turn off your phone,
Disable wifi & Bluetooth often
Keep phone at room temperature
Never keep brightness > 65%
Turn off battery intense features like facebook autoplay
Use low power mode when possible

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