Apple faces iPhone sales ban in Germany – Stole Qualcomm Battery “Patent” Feature

Qualcomm was recently granted an early injunction against Apple in China. And now it’s a German court that revealed that Apple is facing sales ban in Germany. Crazy stories holding Apple to run for success. 

Apple faces iPhone sales ban in Germany

Apple faces iPhone sales ban in Germany

The new ban on Apple iPhones in Germany is due to its violation of Qualcomm’s patent. In fact, the Qualcomm found that some of its patents tech feature on Apple iOS. When we asked Apple, the American smartphone giant revealed that it has a fixed any patent issues with a recent update. However, the matter that it is facing in Germany concerns iPhones that have some Intel and Qorvo components.

According to the German court ruling, Apple violated Qualcomm’s “low-voltage power-efficient envelope tracker”. This is a battery feature that makes battery power last longer whenever your phone modem is active. Therefore, any Apple iPhone that has the Qorvo’s components is going to face sales ban in Germany.

In fact, Qualcomm seems not to be going far with Apple about copying its patent features. Snapdragon chipset manufacturer is waiting to pursue Apple for four other patents which is: iOS search, contacts, and shortcuts in Spotlight. Besides, Apple recently unveiled a new iOS update in which it cleared out these fixes.

Concerning the matter of Apple facing iPhone sales ban in Germany, Apple is stopping the sales of the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus including its Apple store in Germany. To show its frustration, Apple said that Qualcomm’s actions a “desperate attempt to distract from the real issues between our companies.” Qualcomm’s tactics are “harming” both innovation and consumers… Apple Said.

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