Be careful – iPhone X explodes after owner upgrade to iOS 12 – Apple begins inspection

Apple is reportedly working with the owner of exploding iPhone X to find out why the problem happened after Mohamad updated his phone to iOS 12.1.

iPhone X exploded after owner upgrade to iOS 12

An Apple fans iPhone X exploded earlier after updating to iOS 12. The owner, Rahel Mohamad told revealed that his phone was charging with Apple lightning cable while updating at the same time. It did not take long until a very “Dark gray smoke started coming from the phone. The update was completed and as soon as the phone turned on it started to smoke and caught fire,” said the exploded iPhone X owner.

Mohamad also contacted Apple support through Twitter, and they asked him to ship what’s left of the iPhone for analysis. Actually, there have not been so many cases regarding the explosion of iPhone X smartphones. For this particular problem, Apple it might be a defect from the battery or the charger. Also, the iOS 12 software glitch can also be the cause since the phone was charging + updating.

Moreover, Apple and Android smartphone are all exposed to this risk. Any of these phones can light up on fire at any time since most of them use the lithium-ion batteries.

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