iPhone X Mini is a Tiny Phone with no competitor – best 2019 mini phone

In case you’re one of the Apple fans who really want to see the upcoming iPhone X Mini, you may want to check this news below.

iPhone X Mini is a Tiny Phone with no competitor -

iPhone X Mini

According to our source from inside Apple factory in China, there will be an iPhone X Mini this year. In fact, the full design of the iPhone 10 Mini design is being done…and it’s all about to start the manufacturing.

The beautiful part of this mini iPhone is that it has the notch and offers an underpowered experience. The iPhone X Mini design resembles a toy, but it is something much more than what you thought. In terms of size, it is 40% smaller than the iPhone XS Max. For more details about the iPhone XS Max flagship… check here.

However, Apple iPhones have been getting bigger over the past year, we all know that. But this time, there will be something special and surprising. As you also know, Apple likes to create and invent something no one has done… like the Notch Display on which debuted on the iPhone X.

iPhone X Mini is a Tiny Phone with no competitor -

Besides, the Apple iPhone X Mini is going to seat in the class of entry-level product. It will have a lighter iOS just for itself. Honestly, you could use the Mini iPhone 2019 as a media player or some basic daily activities. For now, not sure about gaming…

Since it’s more than 40% smaller than XS Max, it’s probably a 3.5 inch or something close to that screen size. Would you buy it?

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