First-ever iPhone XS Max explosion in Ohio, victim wants answer from Apple

Why is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 curse spreading to Apple iPhone? Biggest surprise of the end of the year 2018 was about “iPhone XS Max explosion” news all over the internet. 

First-ever iPhone XS Max explosion in Ohio

First-ever iPhone XS Max explosion in Ohio

Nothing hurts like seeing your new iPhone exploding like a piece of paper on fire. A few days ago, an iPhone XS Max explosion in Ohio started to worry other new iPhone 2018 users. No one knows yet whether this expensive Apple iPhone exploded due to minor malfunction, software issues, or accidental damage!

An Ohio man decided to share his story to the public by revealing the nightmare behind his iPhone XS Max explosion. After contacting Apple representatives, Josh Hillard confess that his iPhone XS Max was in his rear pocket when it started to discharge a massive amount of heat. Just a few seconds after that, the man claims that green and yellow smoke started coming out of the XS Max device started.

Hillard went inside a private place and removed his pants, unfortunately… the explosion had transformed into a full-blown fire at that time. Hillard, the owner of this expensive iPhone XS Max is actually sad and expecting answers from Apple.

First-ever iPhone XS Max explosion in Ohio

Josh has also filled “contemplating legal action” for the physical and psychological trauma he suffered during this incident. However, Apple did give Josh a new iPhone XS Max, which he believes not to be acceptable.

Moreover, this is the time we’re hearing about an iPhone XS or XS Max exploding. As a reminder, a similar case happened to the iPhone X in November 2018. However, you should not worry about your iPhone XS Max. Apple will soon tell more details and we will tell you what caused this phone to catch fire.

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