Keurig cocktail, beer, juice making pod machine is simply magnificent!

Keurig and Anheuser-Busch want to remake the success of coffee pods. Keurig cocktail-making machine unveiled by the joint venture partner. Check out this premixed cocktails and beer maker.

Keurig cocktail-making pod machine | Wonderful

Keurig cocktail-making pod machine

Keurig and Anheuser-Busch announce their so-called cocktail making a machine which is named as Drinkworks. The DrinkWorks machine is already on sale and can be purchased in only specific and limited locations only.

The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig is an appliance that helps you make cocktails, alcohol and many more. The DrinkWorks cocktail maker is also pairable with the iOS app over Bluetooth.

This feature tells you what the machine is actually working on or doing. Once users command the machine, the enable pod can auto push new orders.

Moreover, the Keurig cocktail maker has a touchscreen and this makes it easy to make drinks without commanding the app. Also, there is only an iOS app now, the Android app is coming soon.

You wonder what is the Keurig cocktail maker price, it costs $299 only. There are different cocktail pod which costs $3.99 for 1 piece or $15.99 for a set of four.

In addition, the joint venture companies said that there will be 15 cocktails at the debut. Users can get pods such as the Moscow mule, margarita, mojito, and Long Island iced tea.

FYI, each pod takes different timing to make you a drink. example: the Moscow mule takes around 50 seconds while a margarita takes 25 seconds.

But you will have to physically take off the finished pods from the machine since there is no garbage bin. Also, you can make your drinks in three sizes: 3.9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, and 8.1 ounces.

Keurig cocktail-making pod machine | Wonderful

At this point now, the Cocktail maker is launching only in St. Louis, Missouri at first. If you are impatient to get one, then you should preorder online through Drinkworks’ website.  It will also be official in certain physical retailers, like all Total Wine, as well as some Dierbergs and Schnucks stores on November 19th.

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