LG V40 Release Date – Korean Beast Set to have 5 cameras in total with 8GB RAM

In case you are not aware, LG is very close to making the LG V40 release date official. The company also recently launched the LG G7 ThinQ which is actually in stores and offers amazing specifications.

LG V40 Release Date

LG V40 Release Date – 5 cameras with 8GB RAM

However, the V40 handset will be the bigger monster as it is set to offer features no LG smartphone had and have. The LG V40 is also called the ultimate successor of the LG V30 and LG V30+. The most mysterious thing is that LG is until now keeping the V40 phone secret. Meaning that there are less leak and news about this monstrous LG smartphone.

What is so hot about this phone is that it is coming with 5 cameras. There will be 3 on the rear for primary photos and 2 on the front for selfies. Also, LG may insert a new technology of 3D face mapping solution on this new LG phone. Moreover, a leak from inside the company revealed that there will be a zoom lens, or just one dedicated to a depth of field effects.

LG V40 Release Date

5 lenses as the LG V40 cameras features. This will be a great thing and excellent innovation for photography addict. So far, one high-end smartphone packs a similar feature which is well known as the Huawei P20 Pro. So the V40 would win this dubious battle, having managed to cram the most sensors in one device.

Additionally, we would like you to stay tuned and keep on checking on us as you usually do. We will follow everything concerning the LG V40 flagship with LG and inform you as soon as we hear more. Our next article will cover things such as LG V40 Price and V40 specifications… Stay Tuned.

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