Mark Zuckerberg tells his management team to stop using Apple devices

Things are getting very ugly between Facebook and Apple right now. In response, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his executives to stop using iPhones, iPads and any other Apple devices.

Mark Zuckerberg vs Tim Cook


Mark Zuckerberg vs Tim Cook

At this point now, the only exclusive deal is that Facebook management team should only use Android phones. Also, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook revealed that Android OS holds a big total user globally more than iOS. Statement from TheNew York Times, reveals that Facebook CEO new decision landed after Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized Facebook in an MSNBC interview as a tool that shares traffic “in your personal life.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook comment really angered Zuckerberg. And that’s the reason why the world youngest billionaire and CEO of the biggest social media platform is willing to sabotage Apple. Additionally, Mark also wants all Americans to use Android smartphones instead of Apple phones.

In between, Android is the biggest operating system worldwide. Moreover, there are many tech companies such as Snap that encouraged workers to use Android phones. Even though US tech workers use Android flagships less, the new message might push many to shift to Android asap.

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