Meet Sony’s Dog Robot called Aibo Pet Robot

Sony’s Dog Robot called the Aibo Pet Robot just returned after disappearing for almost a decade. The famous Aibo pet robot was first introduced in 1999 by Sony and shut down later as the company decided to make more improvement on it.

Meet Sony's Dog Robot called the Aibo Pet Robot


Meet Sony’s Dog Robot called the Aibo Pet Robot

The Aibo dog robot is a real human companion as it creates an exciting atmosphere around members of the household. This pet dog is believed to be able to bring emotional bond with members house while feeding them with love, affection, and the joy of building a healthy relationship with the family. The Aibo dog robot has OLED powered eyes that can move smoothly along 22 axes. The Pet Robot is so smart that it can respond to voice commands most efficiently.

The good thing about Sony’s dog robot is that it can be trained as a real pet. Aibot understands well the feelings of the human being and can automatically act to make its owner happy. It comes with a quad-core CPU and a built-in LTE and WiFi. It has many sensors, motors and gyroscopes, speaker and four microphones for the communication. Aibot battery can last for two hours and only takes three hours to charge fully.

Meet Sony's Dog Robot called the Aibo Pet Robot


Right now, the Aibot smart dog Pre-order is starting on 2nd November 2017 via Sony’s online store in Japan. Besides that, the Aibot pet dog price comes at the cost of $ 1,739. The new robot dog is going t be available tonight in Japan and will take two before coming in other countries for sale. This means that Aibot shipments will begin on January 11th, 2018.

Sony’s Dog Robot called the Aibo Pet Robot

However, Sony wants you to understand the new Aibot robot is as much a service that objective is to entertain its owner. Make the owner happy and interact with them to keep them inspired.

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