Mercedes Is Becoming Tesla’s No1 Rival! Here Is How

Tesla is the biggest electric Car manufacturer out there, yes, but it could soon face a severe competition with Mercedes. The German car manufacturer is all about to unveil the Tesla killer by 2020.

Many Car manufacturers are working hard day and night to unveil crazy electric car by 2020. This is not a surprise to us, and we have already seen BMW which started with the electric BMW i8 Supersports car. So if Mercedes decides to compete them all, the chances are that they can, and they might even be better at it. You know, when you are working on the same product with your competitor and watching closely what it is doing, you can easily win the game.

Mercedes Is Becoming Tesla's No1 Rival! Here Is How

Mercedes knows all the strategy Tesla uses to make its electric Tesla cars great. So it might implement better strategies on its new car to deliver what Tesla could not do. Mercedes is now a rival to Tesla, yet it is not gonna be an easy cake. Tesla has built an extreme brand loyalty too and work with companies such as Apple.

Mercedes Is Becoming Tesla's No1 Rival! Here Is How

The American Electric Car manufacturer has partnered with Apple to develop a bright feature. This includes developing new technologies and changing the nature of cars to keep the environment clean. Well, Mercedes is a big company with a super powerful brand loyalty too. In fact, the German Car manufacturer is investing $ 11 Billion in this project.

Mercedes Is Becoming Tesla's No1 Rival! Here Is How

If they focus on making production in quick ways, then they can beat Tesla. The American cars the Tesla S and the Tesla X all suffered long delays in delivery. Also, the company still struggling to face out this problem. Even though it is unknown for manufacturing an Electric car, the German giant believes that it offers what is missing.


Mercedes might win this competition! Look at the design of the concept electric car it working on. This is more than gorgeous, in fact, all Mercedes SuperSports cars come with features that no competitors provide. However, 2020 will tell more about the best electric car manufacturer.

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