Confirmed: Motorola RAZR Price Revealed: 1500$ – Foldable Phone With 8GB RAM- WSJ

2019 Motorola RAZR price! A trusted source believes that the upcoming Motorola RAZR phone is coming as a $1,500 foldable phone.

Motorola RAZR – Foldable Phone With 8GB RAM

A long time ago, Motorola RAZR phones were known as world best phones. The birth of display phones such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones caused the death of many top phones. This included Nokia phones, Motorola phones, Alcatel, Siemens and so on.

Beautifully, there are two smartphone maker and retailer trying to bring back the RAZR phone to life. Lenovo and Verizon are the giants trying to re-launch the monster Motorola phone. According to Wall Street Journal, the new Motorola RAZR phones will be available as soon as February, 2019.

We believe that it’s the same Motorola RAZR V4 phone with have been talking about. The RAZR V4 smartphone is a device that comes with high-end specifications and new technologies. It houses dual screen display, 6/8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, runs Android Pie 9.0 and many fantastic features.

Trusted Source Reveals Motprola RAZR Price: 1500$ - Foldable Phone With 8GB RAM

For now, there is no official new if it is a simple RAZR phone that will launch or the monster RAZR V4 phone! Lenovo keeps this as a confidential file. However, something is clear, there is a Motorola RAZR device in the works. And you will be able to get as soon April.

Motorola RAZR release date & price

In conclusion, Motorola RAZR is a foldable phone that will launch in February before going on sale in April or May 2019. For the new Motorola RAZR price, WSJ believes that the phone will cost from $1500 to up. Moreover, the RAZR 2019 phones are being tested before they make their public appearance.

$1,500 seems to be fair for a foldable phone. There is one available now, the FlexPai and costs $1,300 and $1,800 for the Galaxy F. Stay tuned, more info to come as soon as we hear from Lenovo or Verizon. Source>>> WSJ.

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