Get ready – Motorola RAZR V4 concept says it all – probably the best bendable phone

A few days ago, one of Motorola’s executive stated that the Motorola RAZR V4 might be the next Moto phone to represent the RAZR series. And guess what, the concept video of this phone will make you hate the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well as the iPhone X

Motorola RAZR V4 concept

Motorola RAZR V4 Concept video

First of all, the Motorola RAZR V4 smartphone might the best-designed smartphone ever made if it really launches. The RAZR V4 comes in many different styles that will make you love it. Just because it is a clamshell, it’s foldable down the middle and has dual back cameras for photography lovers. Additionally, the Motorola RAZR V4 flagship comes with another feature which is the compact model.

This is a feature that lets you have some space for touch input. Besides, that space might even serve for the fingerprint security availability. According to Phone Concept, this phone comes with 7 inches AMOLED HDR 10 screen display. For the processor, it is going to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU with 6GB RAM.

This means that the Moto RAZR V4 release date is for 2019 probably. Because Snapdragon 845 is the latest one that many premium smartphones are running on. However, the Motorola RAZR V4 is going to compete with the Samsung Galaxy X for the best foldable smartphone. The full Moto RAZR specs are not available yet. And we are going to cover it up for you as soon as we get more information from inside the company.

Motorola RAZR V4 concept

Moreover, consider this news as part of the report until the leak gets officially posted on Motorola’s website. Stay tuned for more upcoming details about the Motorola RAZR V4 handset.

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