Motorola Razr V4 Phone can beat the Galaxy F with these technologies | Forbes

According to Forbes, upcoming Motorola Razr V4 Phone can beat the Samsung Galaxy F with certain new technologies it sports. Check the full article below for more info.

Motorola Razr V4 Phone can beat the Galaxy F with these technologies | Forbes

Motorola Razr V4 Phone

Lenovo’s upcoming foldable Motorola Razr V4 phone is going to be a success story of the foldable smartphone generation. Right now, the arrow is pointed at Samsung’s Galaxy X as primary rival of the Razr V4 beast.

The first reason for the Razr V4 of being a precious smartphone is:

A familiar shape

As seen in the VIDEO HERE, the Motorola Razr V4 smartphone will be created based on Motorola’s famous flip phone design. Given the popularity of the Motorola V3, V4, V3i in the early 2000s.

Forbes believes that a flip-up shape would be the most ergonomic for a foldable device like the Razr V4. As a top 2019 foldable phone, Motorola Razr V4 phone sports dual AMOLED HDR+ display front and back. This wonderful body design makes it accessible for usage in all way you hold it. also, the phone screen is big and easy to fold compared to Samsung Galaxy F.

By the way, the phone recently appeared on the Wall Street Journal report. As result, it appeared to have the same design with the Razr V4 flagship we reported last year. What makes here is the transforming from its half-size, folded shape, into a full-size touchscreen smartphone.

Bezels and batteries

For the Bezels, Samsung has eliminated the bezels in its Galaxy S lineup such as the Galaxy S10 & S10+. These Galaxy phones 2019 look pretty stunning and premium. However, it is the same way Motorola Razr V4 phone got rid of its bezels. Besides, many believe that the Razr V4 screen bezels will make it the best bezel less phone of 2019.

For the battery, a source reveals that Galaxy F offers two 2190 mAh batteries to power its displays. As for the comperition, Motorola’s Razr V4 mobile phone packs a 5500mAh battery packs. These batteries run on powerful Li-Ion electrodes to help the phone work for 2 days of intense usage with a single charge.

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