Motorola RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView: 8GB RAM – 5 Cameras – 512GB ROM

Beast vs Monster, it pretty crazy to compare the Motorola RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView phones. Well, both phones are set to launch in 2019 with specs such as 8GB RAM and monstrous technologies. 

Motorola RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView | Specs and Features

It is clear that Motorola and Nokia are both preparing for a massive return in 2019. That’s why we are comparing their upcoming flagships RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView smartphone.

Let’s get straight to the point… Motorola RAZR V4 specs, the phone is coming with a 7 inch AMOLED HDR 10 screen display. Its display will pack a 4K HDR resolution and higher pixel to keep the photos attractive.

Additionally, the RAZR V4 handset runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC with 8GB RAM. Motorola RAZR V4 release date is said to be for Q2 2019. The phone will be great for gamers as it offers a 256GB ROM – expandable up to 400GB via microSD.

For the operating system, Motorola RAZR V4 flagship will be powered by Android Pie 9.0. Most importantly, Motorola RAZA V4 cameras will sport blended dual lenses on the rear and 16MP for selfies.

The crazy stuff about Nokia 9 PureView specs is that everyone wants to see how HMD Global is putting 5 lenses on this phone. Right now, Nokia 9 cameras are said to feature 5 lenses made by carl Zeiss.

Other good news about the Nokia 9 PureView flagship is that it sports 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM. This kind of RAM and storage is pretty satisfying for people who play mobile games and use a lot of 4G networks.

Motorola RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView | Specs and Features

In addition, the Nokia 9 PureView phone is going to run on Snapdragon 845 SoC and Adreno 610. You can expect to get this phone with the latest OS Android Pie 9.0. For the display, the monstrous Nokia phone has a 5.9” panel with QHD+. The display features a high resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio. Also, the new PureView phone back sports glass so it can support the wireless charging features.

Motorola RAZR V4 vs Nokia 9 PureView Release date

In fact, Only the Nokia 9 Pureview is available in store, the Moto is coming sometimes in 2020. For now, analysts believe that Motorola RAZR V4 price can go up to $800.

And for the Nokia 9 PureView price, we are expecting it to line between $600 to $700. With this kind of pricing, it will be much cheaper and easier for fans to get these phones. Currently, Apple is struggling to sell its iPhone XR because of a high selling price.

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