Here is why the Nokia 106 feature phone is perfect for Snake

The new Nokia 106 feature phone comes with a 1.8-inch screen and also considered as the best device for the Snake game.

Here is why the Nokia 106 feature phone is perfect for Snake

Nokia 106 feature phone

HMD Global just unveiled the new Nokia 106 feature phone, and it looks fantastic. It is one of the best and cheap feature phones build for the global market.

Well, the new Nokia feature device has a 1.8-inch screen and a 160×120 display. In between, this is the perfect screen size for the Snake game.

Additionally, you can save up to 2000 phone contacts in the Nokia 106 model. And so far, the phone can keep up to 500 SMS messages.

HMD also mentioned that the Nokia 106 phone battery lasts “from sunrise to sunset with one charge,”.

This means that you can get to use the 106 a whole day without needing to charge it. That 24hrs of battery life is for active usage. If you don’t manipulate it a whole day, the 106 phone can “lasts weeks” on standby mode.

The Nokia 106 device is powered by Nokia’s Series 30+ software. The device also is built with the MTK 6261D CPU, 4 megabytes ROM, and 4 megabytes of RAM.

Moreover, HMD Global is also launching two new colors which are dark blue and light gray for the Nokia 230. This is another series of Nokia feature phone which is also available today.

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