Nokia 9 PureView Flagship Is The Next HMD Beast – 8GB RAM- 5 Cameras Phone

Nokia 9 PureView Flagship, yes… News shows Nokia’s partner HMD new 5 cameras Nokia phone. Massive specs, new technology, this powerful Nokia 9 handset got it all. 

Nokia 9 PureView Flagship 

The news recently leaked after HMD secured the PureView trademark. Since then, many details from inside both HMD & Nokia revealed that something was on the way. It is very clear that the two partners are working on a very powerful Nokia camera phone. The first test is to resurrect and reintroduce this feature with the Nokia 9 PureView.

Nokia is also working on the new Nokia PureView marketing, probably kicking off soon. However, the PureView model might launch with the Nokia 9 Plus sometimes in February 2019. This is definitely what all Nokia fans have been waiting for.

Additionally, Nokia & HMD have two events scheduled. These two Tech giants are set to unveil the Nokia 7.1 Plus later this week (October 4). The second event is set for the announcement of the new Nokia 9 PureView release date.

Nokia 9 PureView cameras features, will it have five cameras? So far, the leak reveals that it does. There are couple o companies working to make this innovation possible for HMD. There are SoftBank and Leica who partnered to develop a multi-camera phone, FIH Mobile is also involved (the Foxconn subsidiary that makes new Nokia phones).

PureView Beast – Real innovation

In that case, we are sure that there is a nice cameras innovation ready for this new Nokia smartphone. For your information, HMD also owns trademarked PureDisplay. Meaning that it might add it to Nokia’s PureMotion display tech.

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