New Nokia X71 specs leak on Geekbench – 48MP Camera & 6GB RAM

HMD Global is close to unveiling a codenamed phone Nokia X71 by the end of April. And today, some of this upcoming Nokia X71 specs just leaked on Geekbench – and it is impressive.

New Nokia X71 specs leak on Geekbench - 48MP Camera & 6GB RAM

Nokia X71 Specs – 48MP Camera beast

Actually, Nokia sent out event invitations to media platforms for its device launch in Taiwan on April 2. We are invited, and we tell you more as soon as we see the new Nokia X71 phone. However, the phone might officially launch as the Nokia 8.1 Plus for global markets.

By the way, the Nokia X71 listing on Geekbench shows that it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU. Also, the phone sports a fast processor of 6GB of RAM. This means that the Nokia 8.1 Plus phone is a great choice for mobile gamers. The phone is also a great smartphone for multitasking, productivity and entrepreneurial creativity.

However, one of our close source from inside Nokia believes that the Nokia 8.1 Plus 6GB model will not be sold outside of Asian markets. On top of that, you will be able to enjoy and experience the Android 9 software it runs on. The so-called Nokia X71 camera feature is going to sport dual cameras on the back and a hole-punch front-facing selfie camera.

New Nokia X71 specs leak on Geekbench - 48MP Camera & 6GB RAM

The Nokia X71 run a Snapdragon 660 chipset with 6GB RAM. This makes it one of the best mobile gaming phone to buy in 2019. Moreover, this new Nokia phone is coming only in the Taiwanese market for at least one month.

New Nokia X71 specs!

As for the global launch, we are expecting the X71 phone to arrive in the USA, UE, South America, and other markets by the end of May 2019. In conclusion, the new Nokia X71 cameras sport 48MP camera paired with a 120-degree ultra-wide camera with Zeiss branding. Stay tuned, more news about the Nokia X71 specs coming tomorrow.

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