OnePlus 6T 5G Phone To Launch With 10GB RAM-SnD 855 SoC…

If you were wondering what the upcoming OnePlus 6T 5G phone is going to look like, we have new details that will tell you more. Yes, it is OnePlus 5G phone – debuting with new OnePlus 6T 2019 models.

OnePlus 6T 5G Phone - 10GB...

OnePlus 6T 5G Phone – 10GB…

As you can see, the image you can see above leaked today, and it’s a shot from inside OnePlus company meeting over its next OnePlus 5G device. What is surprising is that we can even see OnePlus CEO Pete Lau attending. The employee who took the picture surely risks being fired for this.

Well, the photo of the upcoming OnePlus 5G mobile phone shows that this model will have huge circular camera shooters. Also, the man who shot this photo revealed that the OnePlus 6T 5G model specs will carry some wonderful features. The phone is going to run with Qualcomm SnD 855 SoC with 8/10GB RAM. Crazy right, this means that the 6T 5G handset is monstrous mobile gaming phone to try in 2019.

Besides that, the phone also sports 128/256GB ROM for the internal storage. And you should not worry, because you can still expand its memory to 256/512GB ROM. According to source from inside OnePlus, there are two prototypes which “Red and White” in development.

OnePlus 6T 5G Phone - 10GB...

Both models will have the same features and specs. The only thing we don’t really know is the OnePlus 6T 5G cameras options.  We do know that the 6T 5G smartphones camera will have triple cameras. But we are not sure what kind of Pixel Lenses the company is planning to put on it.

OnePlus 6T 5G Phone Release Date

Moreover, the 6T 5G model will be $100 to $200 more expensive than the official 6T phone. It remains to know whether the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is going to be upgraded with the 5G network! we will tell more about this in the coming days.

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