World’s First Transparent Smartphone: Launch Date, Features, Specs And…

Technology is just developing day after day, and Polytron wants you to believe that its transparent smartphone is no longer a matter of sci-fi movies and TV shows. Yes, it will come, but when? that’s what we want to share with you guys today, so you can keep on reading for more details.

First Transparent Smartphone

First Transparent Smartphone!!

Well, since 2013, many companies tried to conceptualize different types of transparent phones. As result, most of them failed because they did not have the right technology and tools to keep on developing this product. With the hard work and dedication, Polytron, a Taiwan based technology company will soon unveil its first transparent smartphone.

Polytron first unveiled a transparent phone that was cool but not useful. That transparent model would only let you see few components such as: circuit board, memory card, and camera unit. These were the only things that were visible, but the phone was not capable of delivering a real smartphone experience.

For the upcoming Polytron smartphone, there will be impressions more than you thought. The transparent Polytron cell phone will have a 5.8-inch Ultra IPS screen with a 6K Display. Escalating it as the best display smartphone when it launches. We do not know whether it is going to run on SnD 845 or its own processor, the time will tell more about that.

First Transparent Smartphone

Besides, it will also come with a software called the Cell Phone Booster. This will allow the phone run smoothly in the perfect condition possible. For the Polytron transparent flagship released date, the report stated that the phone is only coming by the end of 2019. However, the company is keen on announcing the phone by before July 2018.

We do not really know yet how much the Polytron transparent smartphone price will be. Yet, we believe that it will be more expensive than the iPhone X price which costs $ 1000 for one unit. With the evolution of photography, Polytron transparent phone cameras are also coming with dual lenses on the rear. 2019 might be a long time for many to wait and buy this phone. But you got to be patient because good things don’t come easy (Proverb)…

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