How To Remotely Delete Data For iPhone And Android Smartphones

We know that you iPhones or Android smartphones carry a lot of private data like messages, photos, and other confidential information, that’s why we want you to learn how to remotely delete data and privacy on iPhones or Android smartphones before it gets exposed to the public.

Remotely Delete Data For iPhone And Android Smartphones

Remotely Delete Data For iPhone And Android Smartphones

1- Android Smartphones

To remotely delete data for Android, there are few things that you need to fix in the phone’ setting. Don’t be afraid, it is not a matter of moving a mountain to a new location. Here is what you are going to do: go into Google Settings (not the settings app) -> Android Device Manager -> Click Allow Remote Lock. After you do this, you will be able to locate your phone via GPS if it is missing.

When you do this, try to enable the security features by going into the Settings app -> Security -> Phone Administrator -> and finally checking Android Device Manager. After that, click Google Account help, logging with the credentials of the phones, this will permit actions like “locating your device, ringing it, or even erasing entire data ” privacy”.

Remotely Delete Data For iPhone And Android Smartphones

2 – For iPhone Devices

You will need to log into your iCloud account on a desktop computer, then open Find My iPhone. Once you open this link, you will have multiple choices such as tracking the iPhone/iPad or to erasing all the data the device contains. Before you erase your data, we recommend you to save a copy of your files. Users can do this by backing up the contents of the device on iTunes.

This will help you restore the copy on another device even if it is ever lost. In case if you are not sure about where you put the iPhone or iPad, you can track it by enabling the ” Find My iPhone”. With this feature, you can track and locate the exact place where your device is at.

Remotely Delete Data For iPhone And Android Smartphones


The best way of surviving critical and unexpected stuff like this is to protect your confidential as we mentioned above. You can also place a highly secured lock system on the phone. Also, you may want to enable features that can allow for remote access to the iPhones or Android smartphones.

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