Samsung will supply the 2019 iPhone XS Max with cheaper OLED panels

It is not the first time for Samsung to provide screen display for Apple phone. A new agreement was reached, again… Samsung will supply the 2019 iPhone XS Max phones with a cheaper OLED display.

2019 iPhone XS Max - OLED Display by Samsung

2019 iPhone XS Max – OLED Display by Samsung

First of all, Apple seems to be looking for ways to save more money on iPhones production. Recently, the company has struggled to sell more iPhone XR & iPhone XS. Reports revealed that people were not buying Apple iPhones due to the high price tag. And now, the American company seems to have found a new solution, and it’s Samsung.

Samsung will supply its 2019 iPhone XS Max models with a very cheap OLED display. However, cheap OLED display does not mean cheap iPhone. So, you will have to wait a bit and see how much the iPhone XS Max 2019 price will cost. Besides, it is the reason why Samsung put the so-called Y-Octa panels on its Galaxy Note9, S9 and S9+. This new display tech makes use of something new which is known as in-cell touch technology.

With this type of display, iPhone XS Max will be thinner, lighter, much cheaper next year. Sources also reveal that Samsung proposed the Y-Octa panels to Apple. Unfortunately, Apple was not happy with it and decided to focus on getting the OLED display for it’s iPhone XS Max 2019.


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