It’s Official, Samsung CEO Confirms Samsung Foldable Smartphone Coming In 2019.

Finally, the news we were all waiting for is now official. Samsung Boss revealed that the Samsung Foldable Smartphone will come in early 2019. Definitely, February or March, let’s cover what is so special about this phone. 

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable Smartphone: 2019 Beast

The first foldable smartphone is not coming in 2018. Many people know and even believed that it was going to launch this year, but the Korean Electronics giant has changed its plan about this phone. It is not that Samsung does not want to reveal the Galaxy X. But instead the experience the phone comes with.

Reports stated that the Samsung Foldable Smartphone is not ready to offer the best user experience (UX) right now. And this is the clear reason why Samsung is pushing the Samsung Foldable Smartphone release date to next year. Besides, we also know that it is the most powerful Samsung phone you will ever see.

This means that this foldable phone will be the best flagship in the industry when it launches. In addition, some of its specifications leaked since  December 2017. And the features it is coming are so monstrous that even the Nokia 9 Plus can’t compare to it.

Want to more about Samsung Foldable Smartphone? Click here. According to Phonearena ” there is foldable or bendable phone scheduled 2019. Apparently, Samsung had to delay the product because of the inability of its engineers to providing a better UX (user experience) suitable for the end user”.

Samsung Bendable Flagship

Moreover, it will be a dream come true to own this phone. Even we, at technomedial here, dream of seeing this phone as soon as it comes and review it for our respected readers. Stay tuned, we will keep on tracking this phone until it officially comes in stores. After it hits Samsung stores, we will inform you so you can buy yours, Cheers.

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