Upcoming Samsung foldable Galaxy F appears in amazing 3D Design

Since the announcement of Samsung’s Infinity Flex Display, which was unveiled last week, the company is looking forward to making magic by unveiling the Samsung foldable Galaxy F.

Samsung foldable Galaxy F appeared in amazing 3D Design

3D Samsung foldable Galaxy F

Is incredible and very nice to see the Samsung’s first foldable Galaxy X handset in this 3D design. The photo was first unveiled by LetsGoDitigal which showed the foldable Galaxy based on what its patents look like.

The design shows a Foldable Galaxy F with a 4.6” 480 x 1,960px display. The new foldable Samsung phone also has a secret tablet-sized screen that appears when you unfolds the device. In this mode, the Foldable phone shows a 7.3” screen in diagonal and 1,536 x 2,152-pixel resolution.

Moreover, Samsung collaborated with Google to design its beautiful Foldable Galaxy smartphone UI. This means that Foldable Samsung phone apps can go between the small and the big screens seamlessly.

Additionally, Samsung is preparing to fully unveil the official Demo of the Galaxy F at the MWC 2019. The Mobile World Congress 2019 is in February, and the Galaxy F will launch in April. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy F price is going to sell for $1,770. And sources have confirmed that Samsun is very confident that it can sell one million units.

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