Samsung Patent Reveals Crazy Futuristic Smartphone – 12GB RAM – 5K Full HD+Display

New Samsung Patent reveals a crazy futuristic smartphone with 12GB RAM and a super 5K Full Display. The future is definitely here, look at this incredible 100% body to screen ratio phone. 

Samsung Crazy Futuristic Smartphone 

Samsung Crazy Futuristic Smartphone 

Samsung’s latest acquired patent confirms that the Korean giant is preparing for the future.

The world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer is now considering to start the work for its Samsung Crazy Futuristic Smartphone.

In fact, the phone is already considered as one of the most awaited premium flagships.

This Samsung Crazy Futuristic Smartphone is a true bezel-less display phone with fantastic technologies.

Besides, this Futuristic Samsung phone will be the first phone with no single button on it. What impresses us more is the shiny display screen it has.

So far, there are rumors running that the  Samsung Futuristic Smartphone will have a 5K Full HD+ Display.

Meaning that its display will be twice powerful than the one of the Xperia XZ4. There is already a phone with 10GB RAM out there.

And there might soon be smartphones with 12 or 14GB RAM in 2019. But for a premium flagship with such kind of 12GB RAM – Samsung is the first.

Samsung Crazy Futuristic Smartphone 

Because most of those with 10/12GB RAM are high-end phones only – different from premium ones.

Pictures of this advanced futuristic flagship were first spotted at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This phone is really coming because companies add pictures of a phone when they file a design patent.

Moreover, Samsung’s documents show that the phone’s display will be able to take different forms like rectangular and polygon.

Keep in mind that there is no official news about the Futuristic Samsung phone release date yet.

The phone is not even ready for production now until 2020. However, Samsung is expecting to announce this beast sometimes in 2022 0r 2023

Samsung Futuristic Smartphone 

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