Samsung Galaxy A80 camera shows strength in promo video: 48MP Lens

The South Korean tech giant posted a new marketing video of the Samsung Galaxy A80 camera to show it’s a strength. Guess what, it is the best flip-up rotate 48MP camera phone you can have.

Samsung Galaxy A80 camera – Best Flip-up camera phone

What you should first keep in mind is that this is the world’s best flip-up camera phone ever. The Samsung Galaxy A80 camera is mounted with a new technology that is a flip-up mechanism that rotates its 48MP main camera. This means that the Galaxy A80 is definitively one of the world’s best camera phone with 48MP.

Besides that, the phone has an 8MP ultra-wide selfie shooter which does not flip like the rear shooter. The amazing thing is that its selfie shooter offers a module and the 3D ToF sensor which directs them to you. Also, the new 48MP on the A80 phone does shoots high-quality photos and 4K selfie videos too.

Samsung Galaxy A80 camera - Best Flip-up camera phone

Additionally, you will also find out this photo technology has a 123° ultra-wide-angle lens for group shots. There are some new features such as Super Steady smooths which makes the videos better than typical EIS feature. There is also the Live Focus Video feature which lets you even blur the background.

This makes the A80 phone a great competitor to the Asus Zenfone 6. The Zenfone 6 is another monster phone that offers 48MP selfies. In the end, it is all about you going for the brand name or the phone that looks more powerful to you. 

Samsung Galaxy A80 Phone

You can also check the Samsung Galaxy A80 specs info in our review. Most importantly, the new Galaxy A80 release date in other markets is planned for the end for early August 2019. We will tell you more as soon as the phone arrives in Samsung stores.

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