Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed indefinitely

The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone all set to hit the market and Samsung store this month, unfortunately… things went wrong for Samsung. Now, the Galaxy Fold launch has been postponed for a little more longer.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed indefinitely

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed

The mass problem behind Samsung’s very first Foldable phone is that its bend technology was no good enough to keep the phone rolling for a certain period. These issues were discovered in early review units forcing Samsung to recall them and postpone the launch.

By the way, Samsung also discovered more problem with its new premium phone which even made things worse. Since then, the company has delayed the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2019 launch indefinitely.

In fact, Samsung also sent out emails to those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold. The email says that it is “making progress” and will keep clients updated about upcoming shipping info “in the coming weeks”.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed indefinitely

Also, the Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders will be automatically canceled by the end of May 2019. However, buyers can request to get the phone through their first shipment status.

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