Samsung Galaxy Fold Price is $1,980, has 6 cameras, 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM “VIDEO”

For people who have been asking the Samsung Galaxy Fold price, not it is official and costs $1,980 per unit. Read the full details and specs info below.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price Breakdown

First of all, you shouldn’t be surprised by the high price cost of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. The Galaxy Fold 2019 comes at such value because it combines the portability of phones with the utility of tablets.

In fact, it is real and coming to all Samsung store ASAP. Samsung itself unveil the Galaxy Fold during the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series 2019 official launch.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price is $1,980, has 6 cameras, 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM "VIDEO"

In terms of display, the new Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a 4.6” external screen and a 7.3” foldable screen on the inside. The phone also features a sort of technology device that makes the opening and closing of the Galaxy Fold super smooth.

In between, the huge Galaxy Fold screen enables 3-way multitasking. It comes out of the box with the WhatsApp, Microsoft Office and YouTube Premium support.

In order to make the Galaxy Fold super powerful, Samsung housed the “7nm chipset” Snapdragon 855 Chip with 12GB of RAM. That’s not all, it also offers a massive 512GB storage that makes saving your files, docs, media docs super easy and safe.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price is $1,980, has 6 cameras, 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM "VIDEO"

All these monstrous technologies are powered by a huge 4,380mAh battery pack. For photography, the Samsung Galaxy Fold cameras houses 6 cameras.

There are 3 cameras on the back, 1 on the front and 2 on the inside. Folded or unfolded, there will always be one extra lens outside to photography your passions.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date!

In conclusion, the Galaxy Fold 2019 store availability will begin from April 26 in the US and May 3 in Europe. It will even be available in LTE and 5G versions. By the way, Samsung Galaxy Fold price starts at $1,980 in the US and €2,000 in Europe. Moreover, the Galaxy Fold is going to be a serious competitor to the Huawei Foldable phone.

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