Is this a magic Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch? – Best Foldable 5G Phone

After failing to impress on its official launch day, Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch is ready. This time, the phone is well built and also considered as the best foldable 5G Phone for 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch? - Best Foldable 5G Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch – Best Foldable 5G Phone

Recently, a director at Samsung mobile business admitted that Samsung rushed to launch the Galaxy Fold 2019. That’s the reason it did not succeed at the very first stage.

However, the South Korean tech giant seems to be ready this time. The company is looking forward to making a Galaxy Fold relaunch ASAP.

Major media network Bloomberg posted a report, saying Samsung has completed the entire Galaxy Fold redesign. company is done with the redesign.

Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch? - Best Foldable 5G Phone

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is preparing to start the official shipment of the Galaxy Fold components to its factory in Ho Chi Minh. Most importantly, a source from inside Samsung factory in Vietnam believes that the Galaxy Foldable relaunch is for August 7, 2019.

Also, we believe that the Galaxy Fold might launch at the same time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, we are expecting to see the Fold relaunch very soon. Once we put our hands on this foldable smartphone, we will do the complete new specs and hardware review. Stay tuned, more info coming soon.


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