Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out under 5 minutes in China – 😲😲😲

The Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out quick, the phone relaunched recently and drove fans super crazy.

Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out under 5 minutes

After failing to impress on its first launch, the beast has caught fans attention this second time.

The phone is already available in other markets such as South Korea and Europe, the Chinese market launch tells a different story.

We want you to note that the new Samsung Fold is a premium smartphone that packs some new technologies.

Looking at the cost, the Samsung Galaxy Fold price starts at CNY15,999 which is more than $2,000 – but still sold out in less than five minutes.

The Korean smartphone manufacturer does not tell the real number of phones that was available for purchase in China.

Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out under 5 minutes

However, our source from inside Samsung believes that the number is very high.

Besides that, some Samsung fans forked out up to $2,288/€2,000 to get this masterpiece.

The phone packs a massive screen of 7.3” foldable Dynamic AMOLED display with high resolution.

Under the hood, there is powerful hardware which is the Snapdragon 855 chipset.

For the storage, the phone offers 12 GB RAM + 512 gigs of internal storage.

This means that there is enough storage for you to pack many files as same as on your laptop.

Talking about the photography, the Galaxy Fold cameras pack 4 cameras on the back, two on the front above the smaller AMOLED panel.

The phone also comes with a massive battery juice of 4,380 mAh battery but lacks.

Galaxy Fold Info –

However, this phone does not support 5G technology. Rumors believe that the 5G version is going to sometimes launch in 2020. You can learn more about the Fold’s first launch here.

Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out under 5 minutes

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