Limited Edition Artist Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Is Here With 6GB RAM

Samsung finally launched a Limited Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 AVANT today. This new customized Samsung phone comes in a beautiful midnight black skin with a powerful processor ” SnD 835 chipset with 6GB RAM”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 AVANT

Well, let us start by telling you that this phone does offer the same specs as the original version. The difference that keeps them apart is the design and skin material they are made of. We know that many people love art because it represents an idea in another form that makes you see it in thousands of ideas.

So this time, Samsung tried hard to offer a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 Limited Edition for Art lovers. The number “99” indicates the number of units it is offering to Samsung fans. This means that only 99 persons will get to buy the Galaxy Note 8 X 99 smartphone. The lucky owners of this model will get a tiger-themed case and a separate print (69 x 45cm in size) for free.

Each unit of these Samsung flagships comes with a unique 8-digit code to attest to its authenticity. As we said, it is made for just 99 people around and this makes it a bit expensive. Not all of us will benefit to have this Standard Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 phone. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X 99 price will cost you $1,830/€1550 for one piece of it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

According to the reports, there are still units available for sale right now. So if you really love devices made in a shaped piece of art, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 X should be part of your collection. You can try accessing Samsung website and see if there are still some left. And if you are lucky, you will be the owner of one of these limited pieces of art.

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