512GB ROM Galaxy S10+ Flagship Tests 5G Network | first 5G Phone To Launch in 2019

After passing the test, Samsung Galaxy S10+ Flagship will be the first smartphone to launch in 2019 with 5GB connection and big storage of 512 GB ROM. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Flagship – First 5GB Phone 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ flagship has passed the 5G connection test – great news. But the most important thing now is “When is the Galaxy S10_ Launching?”. Well, we all know that Samsung usually unveils the Galaxy S Series only April of each year. definitely, you gonna get the Galaxy S1o Series handset before May 2019. Samsung also demoed a 5G-enabled prototype, and the new test to experience was promising.

Many people are really waiting for the 5G which is on the way to kill 4G version connectivity. In some countries, 5G connection networks have been put in place already. Other countries are still progressing well as they all look forward to finishing this tech innovation on time.

The galaxy S10+ phone comes with no notch, no display holes. It represents the idea of regular bezels less phone as the Galaxy S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Flagship - First 5GB Phone 2019

The phone itself offers a curved Super AMOLED screen with 6.4” inch. It carries the new in-display fingerprint reader in its screen display. The whole phone measures 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm and retains the 3.5mm jack and the bottom-firing speaker.

In between, a source from inside Samsung said the Samsung Galaxy S10+ price will debut form CNY 7,000 ~ $1,000. However, we have doubts about that, so you should not really consider this price. Report Source 1Source 2.

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