Samsung Galaxy S10 Price Higher Than Apple’s Latest iPhones | Still A 12GB RAM Monster

It’s crazy and unbelievable, but the new Samsung Galaxy S10 price will significantly be higher than Apple’s latest iPhones – iPhone XR & iPhone XS Max. Check out the pricing details below. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price Higher Than Apple's Latest iPhones

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price 2019

A new report from TuttoAndroid has revealed the pricing of Samsung’s new Galaxy phones 2019. And guess what we saw, higher price more than 2018 iPhones 2019.

It is very important to note that the 2019 Samsung Galaxy flagships cost between €20 ($23) and €50 ($57) more in Italy than anywhere in Europe. Now, let’s break it up for you so you can get ready with saving or budgeting for your next Galaxy S10 series. Besides, wonder what the Galaxy S10 models specs look like? please see here for the: Galaxy S10Galaxy S10+Galaxy S10E.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 price – 

First, the first model to launch is going to be the Galaxy S10E. This model is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 982 with 4GB RAM and128GB ROM. And the Samsung Galaxy S10E price will start from €779 ($885).

About the most awaited model – Samsung Galaxy S10 price phone, this model will be available for €929 ($1056) as it comes with 6GB RAM/128GB ROM. Besides that, there is another model of Galaxy S10 device with 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM, and this one costs €1179 ($1340).

For the beast, the larger model a.k.a Samsung Galaxy S10+, there will be three different models of Galaxy S10 Plus. These Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus price will come at €1049 ($1192), €1299 ($1476). These first two variants will have 8/10GB RAM with 512GB ROM respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price Higher Than Apple's Latest iPhones

Finally, there is a top premium Samsung phone which comes with massive 12GB RAM with 1TB “1000GB ROM”. This model is going to be available in a limited edition and will only be available in certain pinned countries. Surprise! it costs €1599 ($1817) in certain European countries.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series are expensive but worth buying!

Compare to Apple 2018 iPhone prices – the iPhone XR price starts at €889 ($1010). The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max prices cost €1189 ~ $1351 and €1289 ~ $1465 with 64GB of internal storage.

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