If the Galaxy S10 launches- Apple will have a serious problem selling its iPhones

We have a few top reasons why you should buy the powerful Samsung Galaxy S10. Check out the article below and discover its latest and new features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Powerful - You will be thrilled to use it

Powerful Samsung Galaxy 10 

First of all, Samsung is arranging a new feature which will make the S10 very unique. The Galaxy S10 smartphone is one of the best flagships that will sport a truly bezel-less with an under-display camera feature. In fact, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is one of the most awaited phones right now. The Galaxy S10 release date is in April 2019.

and for now, some of its exclusive hardware and specs feature have already leaked. The premium Samsung phone gonna have virtual no bezels, a fingerprint scanner and most importantly front-facing cameras under the display. That’s not all, there will also be 3 new advanced camera lenses on the Samsung’s S10 back.

Recent leaks from inside Samsung Korea reveals that there will new aforementioned features and more tech features in the S10. But Samsung Analysts are wondering is that how its under-display cameras going to work? will there be holes in the screen instead of a notch? How about the S10 iris scanner and the earpiece? that’s the work everyone is looking forward to seeing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Powerful - You will be thrilled to use it

Samsung is also integrating the Notch feature on its 2019 Samsung flagships. Samsung actually revealed its own notch technologies at its Developer conference when it launched the foldable Samsung phone. Right now, Samsung Notch feature includes 3 different styles of notch. There is a V-shaped, U-shaped, and O-shaped.

But the hidden secret is that no one knows what will be the final notch design for the Galaxy S10 device. Moreover, you will even fall in real love with the Galaxy S10 cameras. The phone’s leak reveals that Samsung is preparing a 3 cameras flagship for Samsung fans. if Samsung really offers this features, it might have an open door to tackle down Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

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