Samsung Patent Reveals Foldable Phone With Gaming & Photography Focus

Samsung patent just revealed a foldable phone with gaming & photography focus. Samsung’s engineers have finally presented the project to R&D department as the company looks forward to finalizing the product. 

Samsung Galaxy X - Foldable Phone

Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable Phone

Many of us thought that the Samsung Galaxy X was going to be a smartphone with the latest technology. Yet, it is though, but the phone offers a deeper focus on the gaming area as well as the photography. After seeing the final design of the Galaxy X, we can see that this the ultimate gaming phone that will beat them all.

The Samsung foldable phone or Samsung Galaxy X design will be a total success. It is the new reborn of the Nintendo 3DS as an Android Phone. The patent also reveals the stylus and the S Pen feature. According to Gsmarena, “Graphics artists often draw on a stylus-enabled tablet that is not a screen – having a separate screen means you don’t cover up the artwork with your hand or stylus”.

Samsung Galaxy X - Foldable Phone

For your information, there is no official announcement on Samsung Galaxy X release date. We will keep on tracking this Samsung foldable phone and update you as soon as possible.

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