Apple Might Drag Samsung To Court If The Samsung Galaxy X8 Is Believed To Be True!! Full Video Here

According to Phone Concept, Samsung Galaxy X8 is one of those premium Samsung phones you will see this year. Well, the problem is that Apple will have no mercy for Samsung if it really steals the iPhone X design. Meanwhile, let us cover for you what is so special about this monstrous Samsung phone. 

Samsung Galaxy X8

Samsung Galaxy X8 Specs – Features

According to a recent leak, the Galaxy X8 might one of the special guest of 2018. In fact, it might even be the best smartphone for the past decade. After taking a close look at the Galaxy X8 design, it appeared to us there will be no competition when this phone arrives. Not even the so-called the iPhone X Plus can challenge.

For now, the leak hasn’t revealed much about the Samsung Galaxy X8 specs. Right now, we only know that it is coming with a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ screen with 4K HDR display. Also, the Galaxy X8 might be powered by Snapdragon 845 CPU like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Besides, the Galaxy X8 will have 6GB RAM with 256GB ROM as storage. Also, it is going to have an extra expandable storage of 256GB via microSD card.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy X8 cameras will also come with dual lenses. We do not know yet how many megapixels it will have. Hopefully, we can see something like dual 20+16MP like the one on the OnePlus 5T beast. There are no clear details about the Samsung Galaxy X8 price and release date yet.

Samsung Galaxy X8: Big Surprise

But the good news is that Samsung will make a good announcement tomorrow at the CES 2018. We hope that this phone can appear there, then we can write for you a very clear statement on the full features it comes with. Stay tuned for more info about this Samsung flagship.

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