Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory in South Korea temporarily closed because of CoronaVirus

The (COVID-19) Coronavirus panic and outbreak has caused Samsung to temporarily shut down its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory in South Korea

After claiming over 2000 lives around the world, COVID 19 is forcing not only Samsung to close, but many major companies from around Asia.

This problem has massively pushed other companies such as Apple, McDonald and more to shut down until further approval.

In fact, even the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that is starting on February 24 has been canceled.

On top of that, the supply chains of smartphone brands in China will surely take a hit.

Now news coming out of South Korea tells us that Samsung has shut down a smartphone plant in Gumi after an employee got infected with Coronavirus.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory in South Korea

Most importantly, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory that is going to close its doors until further notice.

Samsung’s employees who had close contact with the infected employee are placed in a self-quarantine right now.

This is Samsung plan to get these employees for testing plan for possible COVID-19 infection.

The shutdown of the Gumi factory is unlikely to have any major impact on Samsung’s smartphone manufacturing, since it accounts for a small portion of its total smartphone production.

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