New Technology | Samsung Infinity O Display Design- Why Is Everybody Talking About It?

Samsung Infinity O Display Design, the hole-in-display era begins with Samsung’s new Galaxy A8s smartphone. The Galaxy A8s handset is the very first phone to launch with its front camera pierced directly into the display.

Samsung Infinity O Display Design

Samsung Infinity O Display Design

The news first leaked last month, when media and online sources revealed that Samsung was working on a smartphone with a hole in its display.

The new Samsung Infinity O Display is actually for its upcoming Galaxy phones starting from December 2018.

In fact, this Infinity-O display is was not a secret at all. Samsung itself revealed a month ago that it was about to unveil something new called Infinity-O screen.

Besides, let us make it clear for people “maybe you are really sure what Infinity-O hole” means. The new display innovation is that it hosts the phone’s camera right in the screen itself.

The special thing about Samsung’s Infinity O screen is not to use the “notch” as it is on the Apple XXS Max, XR, Nokia 8.1 and some Chinese phones.

Samsung decided to do a cut out and put the selfie camera in a circular hole for the front lens.

The first Infinity-O smartphone is in the game right now, it is the Samsung Galaxy A8s. The phone is available for sale in China and will ship internationally by January 2019.

The reason why we care about the A8s and Infinity O Display! is that Samsung Galaxy S10+ will all have this feature.

Samsung Galaxy A8s Phone 2019-

However, this Samsung Infinity O Display Design innovation means that upcoming Samsung phones will have much thinner bezels.

Also, Samsung has not decided yet to tell much it money it put in the development of its new screen display innovation. So, you should wait and see how much the Galaxy S10 series will cost! Stay tuned for more info.

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