Why Smartphones Getting Expensive? Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony…

Are smartphones getting expensive? That’s the question we have been trying to figure lately. Apple confirmed that its smartphones shipment dropped but still made enough revenue. Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus, Are They fooling you? read the article below for more details.

Smartphones Getting Expensive

Smartphones Getting Expensive…

Are smartphones getting too expensive? Let’s dive in to find the result. Firstly, many people believe that smartphones price are no different from other product we always buy. This includes our daily needed products like food and necessities. It also concerns stuff like other electronics like TV’s, PC & Monitors.

Based on our analysis, we believe that phones are getting too expensive nowadays. It is the fact that Chinese smartphones manufacturer came as the largest phone maker of 2017. This stat Apple falling with 0% behind Samsung with only 3% of the handsets shipped in Q4 2017. Rising brands such as Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are the new entrants and the new winners.

These Chinese companies manufactured some high smartphones that don’t compare to Apple and Samsung devices. In fact, some of their Phones come with specs such as 8GB RAM, Dual 20+16MP cameras, and even 256GB ROM. and guess what, they sell very cheap compared to these big brand names.

Smartphones Getting Expensive

Besides, a study revealed that Chinese smartphone maker will ship and sell more than any other firm out there. A good example is the iPhone X price, this phone costs $ 1000 for 1 unit, 3GB RAM & 256GB ROM. Compared to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 price, you will spend only $ 400 for a phone with 8GB RAM and incredible features.

Smartphones Getting Expensive>> Opinion

To be honest, smartphone price is very expensive actually. Everybody wants to use something new with branded category value. But if Apple, Samsung, LG, and Nokia don’t think about their pricing strategy, they will soon fall behind Chinese flagships. Simply because Chinese smartphones manufacturers are making quality smartphones which are cheaper than many premium flagships.

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