Apple Wants Sony 3D sensors For The TrueDepth Camera For 2019 iPhones

Apple officially reveals interests in Sony 3D sensors for the rear TrueDepth camera for 2019 iPhones. This is a great move since we all know Sony for the wonderful fame it has for making great cameras and camera phones.

Apple wants Sony 3D sensors for 2019 iPhones

Apple wants Sony 3D sensors for 2019 iPhones

Apple has been using a very less expensive camera technology for years now. And now, the American smartphone manufacturer is preparing to make a massive deal with Sony. First of all, you should know that Apple is looking forward to making its 2019 iPhones the best iPhones ever. In December 2018, Apple signed a deal with Samsung to provide new screen display technology for its 2019 iPhones.

And now, the company is running after Sony to get some impressive cameras technology for upcoming iPhones 2019. Most Apple phones come with the front-facing TrueDepth Camera that uses 30,000 laser dots to identify the face ID. To be more innovative, Apple is shifting to a new technology known as 3D ID representation. This 3D cameras sensors are cheap to make and can easily get into mass production.

Early this week, Bloomberg revealed that Apple is going after Sony’s tech to put 3D camera sensors on upcoming iPhones. Besides, TrueDepth Camera For 2019 iPhones will take your photography experience to a whole new level. You and other iPhone users will be able to map images in 3D.

Apple wants Sony 3D sensors for 2019 iPhones

Besides, Sony’s general manager in charge of the sensor business, Satoshi Yoshihara, also confirmed that many smartphone companies want the chips. Since this interest includes Apple, Sony has even started to expand production of the sensors. Moreover, this new tech is going to appear right on the rear-facing and front-facing 3D cameras of Apple and many other smartphone manufacturers.

“Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I’ve seen, I have the same expectation for 3D. The pace will vary by field, but we’re definitely going to see the adoption of 3D. I’m certain of it.”-Satoshi Yoshihara, general manager, Sony

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