Sony unveils laser face recognition for 2019 phones, better accuracy than Face ID

Sony is bringing laser face recognition to phones in 2019, promises better accuracy than Face ID. The Japanese smartphone manufacturer is going for the big jackpot “security technology”.

Sony's laser face recognition for 2019 phone

Sony’s laser face recognition for 2019 phone

Sony is preparing to unveil a new generation of face recognition technology in 2019. This time, it is something else that we call laser face recognition technology. This face recognition technology will be available for 2019 smartphone and Sony is the giant behind this innovation.

According to Sony’s sensor division chief, Satoshi Yoshihara – the company is planning to unveil laser face recognition technology for 2019 smartphones. Satoshi also announced that the Sony was also preparing to announce new 3D sensors for both front and rear cameras.

In addition, these technologies are already in production in Sony’s biggest factory shop in Japan. Also, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others plan to implement these new techs in their 2019 smartphones. The availability of these new-generation 3D cameras and laser face recognition will be good for the industry.

Sony’s new 3D cameras are designed with authentic technology software. “The system uses pulsating laser signals and measures how long it takes for a pulse to bounce back”. Sony also revealed that it uses new technology that will make it easy for users to unlock their devices from as far as 16 feet (5 meters).

Moreover, there is a mass production on the line for Sony’s new 3D cameras. Our sources inside the Sony company believe that the laser face recognition system will debut in late 2019.

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