Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & Ultra Wide Set To Launch This Year!!! 8GB RAM

A Japanese reporter recently unveiled a story about the Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & Xperia XZ Ultra Wide. These sony smartphones seem to be the first Sony phones to offer 8GB RAM for the best performance possible. Check out the full details below for more info. 

Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & Ultra Wide

Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & XZ ultra Wide Features

So far, the leaked story revealed that these Sony flagships will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 killer. They look different from the previous model ” Xperia XZ Premium” design. In fact, these two Sony phones offer a squarish Xperia design with speaker grilles at the top and bottom.

One of these phones has a back covered with glass while another is covered with a metal body. Besides, both devices offer a 6.0-inch Super-LED screen with 18:9 4K HDR displays.

Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & Ultra Wide CES 2018 Las Vegas "Nevada"

Quite advanced features, they are also the first Sony handsets to run on Snapdragon 855 chipset. The Xperia XZ Ultra phone and Ultra Wide have 8GB of RAM to perform at their best. Both phones will have internal storage of 128/256GB ROM (expandable up to 512GB ROM via MicroSD).

For the Operating System, they will be powered by the latest Android Oreo 8.0.  The leak revealed that the Sony Xperia XZ Ultra cameras offer dual 32+16MP on the rear. For the selfie photos, there will be a 13MP on the front as secondary.

Sony Xperia XZ Ultra & Ultra Wide

The Sony Xperia XZ Ultra Wide cameras will also come with dual lenses on the rea rear with a single snapper on the front. The only thing that is not clear is that we do not many megapixels it will offer for the photography.


There is a big concern that we want to share about the Xperia phones. Sony smartphones usually come with good specs, but they do not come cheap. Hopefully, Sony Xperia XZ Ultra price can hit the range of $ 780 for one unit. Same goes for the Xperia XZ Ultra Wide price. Moreover, you can leave a comment below if you think that these phones should cost below $ 700.

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