Official | Spotify Apple Watch app is now available

Spotify Apple Watch is available now and will downloadable by the end of the day Nov-14-2018. After testing its smartwatch app for streaming music on the go, Shopify finally found the missing potion.

Spotify Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch app

Spotify, the biggest music streaming service is launching its Spotify Apple Watch today. However, the new music streaming app won’t let you sync songs for offline playback now. Spotify said that the feature might be available in the coming months. Besides, the music streaming apps’ first version allows you to play music on the Apple Watch. Or you can also manage how music is delivered to compatible Spotify devices.

We put hands on this early version Apple Watch music streaming app. The good thing we found so far is that it lets you control tracks that you are listening on your iPhone or any Spotify Connect devices. You can also directly stream music to your Apple Watch through your phone or LTE connection.

In between, we know that this is good tech innovation for Apple device users. However, many people will be disappointed since the feature does not allow offline playback. This will be a disappointment to many because many third-party Spotify Apple Watch app already offer it.

Our source reveals that Spotify is working on new features. Hopefully, its upcoming update will come with the offline sync feature. For people who don’t know the benefits of offline sync, it allows you to go for a run with only your Bluetooth headphones on. So you can leave your iPhone at home and still enjoy the music via your Bluetooth device.

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