Think Biosolution’s Health Monitoring On The Go “Shirt” Helps You Manage Your Wellness

An Irish-based wearable technology company is trying to help us monitor our health whenever and wherever we go. Thanks to its health monitoring T-shirt called the QuasaR, you can measure your heart rate and its variability, respiratory rate, as well as the blood oxygen saturation. 

Health Monitoring Quasa R

Think Biosolution’s Health Monitoring On The Go

The QuasaR is believed to be more accurate than any other health monitoring sensor technology available out there. Think Biosolution vision is to put together this technology with custom-built algorithms developed via “AI” artificial intelligence. The innovation will then help you manage your fitness goals and more physical activities.

Besides that, it is very useful for patients suffering from chronic conditions too. Once you buy the QuasR Health monitoring T-shirt, you can easily manage your health and wellness in the best condition possible. Think Biosolution is a big technology company which has won impressive awards. This includes the Deloitte Top Technology award received in Dublin 2016 and Innovation of the Year Award at Irish Laboratory Awards 2017.

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