Trump uses an unsecured iPhone – China and Russia are listening in

President Donald Trump, A.K.A @POTUS uses unsecured iPhone to call his old friends and business partners while in the White House. FBI believes that Chinese and Russia spies are listening to his personal communications and interests.

Trump still uses an unsecured iPhone

According to The New York Time, China and Russia spies are listening to Trump’s private conversations. Besides, FBI and CIA have repeatedly warned @POTUS Trump to use the secure White House landline instead. President Trump – maybe does not care. The American president still using his iPhone to take personal cellphone calls.

The most important thing is that the White House officials hope that Trump does not discuss classified matters over the phone. Former leaders like President Barack Obama had a modified iPhone that was not able to make any phone calls and neither take pictures. Obama’s iPhone only receives incoming messages from a special email address.

In 2017, President Trump also refused to give up his insecure Android phone. Now in 2018, he does not want to give up his unsecured iPhone too, not following standard protocol.

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