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Huawei may beat Samsung as it nears announcing its Huawei Foldable Phone 2019. Also, Huawei’s flexible phone is much beautiful and has a larger  8″ screen when the device is unfurled.

Huawei Foldable Phone

Huawei Foldable Phone specs and release date

2019 is definitely the year of exotics smartphones. One Foldable smartphone is already here and it is called Royole FlexPai. A few days ago, Samsung unveiled its bendable Samsung phone too. And now, it’s Huawei which is showing what its plans for 2019 include. So far, reports believe that BOE is preparing something big and innovative.

BOE is the company who made the curved OLED panel of the Mate 20 Pro.  And right now, it is working on a much flexible screen for the Bendable Huawei phone to do it better in the competition.

“It’s a new dream, it’s a new era and new opportunity for market expansion, said an analyst from inside Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer’s first foldable smartphone will have a 5G connectivity. In fact, Huawei is preparing to unveil its flexible smartphone at the MWC 2019. for your info, the Mobile World Congress 2019 is taking part in Barcelona – Spain.


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