Source Believe that upcoming iPhone XI 2019 will have 128GB base storage

Today, our trusted confirmed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone XI 2019 storage will start with a base 128GB ROM. This means that Apple is skipping the current models’ specs which start with 64GB ROM.

Source Believe that upcoming iPhone XI 2019 will have 128GB base storage

Upcoming iPhone XI 2019

First of all, you should keep in mind that this info story relates to both premium iPhone XI and iPhone XR models. This means that premium iPhones and affordable iPhones in 2019 will no longer have 64GB ROM. However, the iPhone price could increase as well. Apple is well known for increasing its iPhones price “anytime it brings something new”.

Most importantly, you will have more storage to keep more iOS apps and other data in any of 2019 iPhones. In fact, for people who don’t know what base storage still means, it means— starting from this year, all upcoming iPhone XI 2019 will no longer have 64GB ROM.

upcoming iPhone XI 2019

From this 2019, Apple’s iPhone internal storage will start from 128GB ROM, 1256GB ROM, and 512GB ROM. In fact, the iPhones that everyone is calling iPhone XI will have square camera humps. And this is the what is going to make Apple’s 2019 phone look more classy.

However, we are not really sure if this idea from Apple is genuine because we know that not all Apple fans enjoy using the massive storage phone. And also, not all iPhone users enjoy spending big money on Apple devices. However, spending extra fee for the very first 3 cameras iPhone should be an “OK DEAL”.

iPhone XI 2019 – Opinion!

Anyway, with this kind of inniovation, you could see the top premium iPhones with 1TB soon. 1TB storage means up to 1000GB ROM ” for hing end iPhones”. For more information on this matter… will keep you guys informed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more upcoming info.

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