Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 appears with flat displays – 3 cameras – 8GB RAM…

The most upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone popped online with a super flat display. If the design is real, then the Galaxy S10 phone will be the most innovative phone of 2019.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 

Samsung Korea is almost ready to announce its next generation of OLED displays dubbed M9. This new display feature will first appear in the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship – then upcoming Samsung phones. And also, all Samsung fans can expect something innovative and amazing.

According to a trusted source, Samsung is actually working on a flat screen of 5.8” model. This new display tech is coming on the Galaxy 10 phone – and then upcoming Samsung flagships. However, the curved 5.8” display will be for the Galaxy S10 and the curved 6.2” display will feature on the Galaxy S10+.

Moreover, reports say that Samsung is working with its trusted partners for new materials. These partners are here to supply organic chemicals for the Red, Green and Blue sub pixels. These organic chemicals are going to be used for the M9 gen and replace the current M8 chemicals in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9.

Article Source From Korea 

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