Update: Motorola Razr V4 Release Date – Price – Specs! 6GB RAM-SND 855 SoC

Motorola and Lenovo are trying to break barriers in order to build something very special to its fans. Motorola Razr V4 release date! this is what everyone has been asking… Well, read the full article to find out when is this 6GB RAM Motorola monster phone coming. 

Motorola Razr V4 Release Date - Price

MOTOROLA RAZR V4 Specifications & Features

The Moto RAZR V4 smartphone is a different beast that comes with unique features & design. The Razr V4 is being built by Motorola and Lenovo experts in order to take on Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The phone also comes in an authentic design that will make you fall in love with it. Some of the best feature it sports figure the clamshell function, foldable down the middle with dual back cameras. Besides that, upcoming Motorola RAZR V4 full specs are still not official. But fans can still expect something similar in terms of OS.

Since it runs on a powerful processor and high graphics chips. Moto Razr V4 screen provides a 7 inches AMOLED HDR 10 screen multi-display. It has a powerful processor that makes it runs on Snapdragon 855 CPU with 6GB RAM. So far, Analysts have had nothing measurable about the Motorola Razr V4 cameras feature. Reports unveiled that the phone is going to have very powerful cameras lenses for the perfect photo shooting experience.

Lenovo’s Motorola RAZR V4 is a beast that will destroy Samsung Galaxy X or the Galaxy S10. Motorola recently launched some powerful smartphones in the game. But fans do believe that only the RAZR V4 will give the company a strong position in the competition.

Motorola Razr V4 Release Date


In conclusion, Lenovo & Motorola prefer not to tell more about the RAZR V4 launch. However, Analysts tipped the phone to appear at the Consumer Electronic Show 2018. Meaning that the phone will launch in the first quarter of 2019.

For the RAZR V4 price, Motorola might keep the price below average “$ 600 to $ 700” to win more buyers. Selling expensive phones doe not impress people nowadays, unless it has the perfect technology and feature to use. What do you think about this monster Moto Razr? let us know in the comment section.

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